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Dead Body Falls


A disturbing event in a hotel, viewed by multiple perspectives. When no one is lying, what is the truth?

Play through the perspective of a guest, a night-watcher and a stranger, and try to understand what is happening in this strange hotel. As you progress across the halls and corridors, you will find signs that will hep you create your own understanding of what happened.

- MULTIPLE PERSPECTIVES - Strong storytelling experience lived from multiple views, each one retelling their own understanding of the same night
- ENVIRONMENTAL STORYTELLING - Walk across an architectural hotel beautifully crafted and unravel the secrets that lie in it
- IMMERSIVE EXPLORATION - Atmospheric scenes that will guide you through the event and help you cross the veil of truth

Dead Body Falls is a story-driven game that will keep you wondering: what actually happened that night in the hotel?

Feature Article: Shaping Narrative Through Level Design.

Available now at Oculus Store.

Updated 8 days ago
AuthorGabriel Padinha

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